A new trend appears to be emerging with players preferring 3 reel slots. In the case of online casinos, developers release their games on behalf of high number pay lines and multiple reels; however, you can find 6-7 line slot machines these days too! Diamond Rise is one such title that keeps things simple by only having three projected screens – but what about its bonus features? Well firstly there’s an option for gamers who prefer not just any old prizes after hitting24either: they have buttons at hand which allow them to multiply either their gold coins amount earned to increase tenfold whatever was put into play during gameplay or even start all over again from scratch if need be.

Feature Symbols

Rarestone Gaming is a new-ish studio that’s been releasing online casino games for some time now. We refer to them as “new” because most studios have only existed in recent years, with NetEnd and Microgaming still going strong since the 90s. Diamond Rise may be one of those slots you’ve heard about before; its theme could best be summarized by the Miami diamond scene. That would depend on how much emphasis was put onto this particular game when it was released (and if someone knows what they were going after) but let me tell ya-it’ll be tough picking out any specific details from their previous release Gold Pile: Orangutan.

As you can tell from the maximum bet limit, Diamond Rise is a high-roller’s slot. It also offers an option for those who want to wager up to 500 coins per spin that’s more than most other slots allow! This means there are plenty of opportunities in this game where someone could win big if they’re skilled enough or just happen upon some good luck on their first few plays through it (we hope).

Bonuses and Jackpots

Rarestone Gaming’s bonus feature is a curveball we haven’t seen before. Full marks for originality!

The Diamond Rise bonus is triggered when you land three scatters on the same spin. This will take players to a screen that looks like pinball, but instead of balls shooting out from below at your play area-they fall up into it! There are 6 cups in total with various multipliers and whichever diamond lands atop one applies its value onto what’s already been bet – so go ahead: risk everything for some big payouts or try landing another perfect score just because we know how much fun this really can be!!

Play Diamond Rise Slot at PartyCasino

The bonus feature isn’t exactly straightforward, but it’s easy to understand when things get going. We find that while the option to go big does exist in this casino game, not many players are seeking out thrill creatures who want their tickets draining faster than they can say “jackpot joy.” If you’re looking for lower wins with higher multipliers so as negated Wagering High on any given bet then try various online slots here-they’ll give better returns and won’t cost an arm or leg!

How to Play Diamond Rise Slot?

Guide to playing Diamond Rise slot.

  • Join PartyCasino Create an account with PartyCasino.
  • Select Diamond Rise Slot Select the Diamond Rise slot from the game menu.
  • Place Your Bet Select and place your bet size according to your budget.
  • Watch the Reels Spin Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!

    Can I play Diamond Rise at PartyCasino?

    Yes, you can play Diamond Rise and many other great titles at PartyCasino.

    Who makes Diamond Rise?

    Diamond Rise is made by Rarestone Gaming, one of the leading slot machine providers online.

    How do I get into the bonus round?

    To trigger the bonus game, you’ll need to land three scatters on the same spin, taking you into the Diamond Rise bonus.